New NBC4 Investigation Exposes Offsite SSFL Contamination

NBC4 has aired the third and fourth installments of its year-long investigation of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL). “LA’s Nuclear Secret: Camp Cover-Up” was broadcast on November 9, and a follow-up segment aired November 19. Both stories revealed new documents showing that contamination from SSFL has migrated to the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, site of a year-round camp for children. You can watch them below, and visit NBC4’s website where more information and documents are available.

Community Shares Concerns about SSFL Contamination and Cleanup at Sept. 24 Meeting

Community members share their experiences at the SSFL Work Group meeting.

Community members share their experiences at the SSFL Work Group meeting. Photo by Michael Rose.

Many thanks to all who attended the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL) Work Group meeting on September 24. It was an extraordinary evening.

NBC-LA Reporter Joel Grover and Producer Matthew Glasser presented the first two segments from their year-long investigation, LA’s Nuclear Secret, about the meltdown, health impacts from site contamination, and how the Boeing Company has used its clout to try to derail the cleanup.

Community members shared moving personal stories and their desire for a full cleanup so no others are at risk. We also revealed information about Boeing-proposed cleanup levels which would leave about 98% of their contamination on the site. See video from the meeting here. More will be posted soon.

Unfortunately despite broad recognition of SSFL’s potential for harm and the wellspring of support for full cleanup, Boeing and its lobbyists continue to wield tremendous influence over the government agencies who make decisions about how much will be cleaned up. It is imperative that we let our elected officials know that their constituents want the site fully cleaned up.

Please sign and share the Rocketdyne Cleanup Coalition petitions to let elected officials know that you want the cleanup commitments upheld.