Proposed water board permit will allow more migration of contaminants from SSFL

Pollution migrates from SSFL at levels the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) says pose a threat to health and/or the environment. In just the last few years alone, pollutants have left SSFL in surface water runoff at levels exceeding pollution limits 216 times.

Despite these violations, a tentative new 180 page water permit released by LARWQCB, if approved, would further relax the already weak pollution limits for Boeing and allow increased amounts of contaminants to migrate off SSFL in polluted runoff. 

The new permit would allow up to four times the levels of certain allowable contaminants (mercury, thallium, oil, grease, nitrates, boron). It also reflects an agreement struck by the Water Board with Boeing to guarantee it will only face only very small fines for its continuing violations of pollution discharge limits.

A joint letter to LARWQCB submitted by nine organizations details areas of concern and addresses issues of conflict of interest at the LARWQCB and a deeply troubled public participation process. Click here to read the letter.

A hearing for this permit is currently scheduled for February 12. We encourage the public to attend the meeting and call for significant strengthening of the new permit.

LARWQCB Board Meeting – February 12, 2015 – 1:30 pm
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Board Room
700 North Alameda Street
Los Angeles, California 90071

For more information on offsite contamination from SSFL and water violations, see our June 18, 2014 Work Group meeting report.